Fremont Street Closed for Water Line Project in Lander

We can expect delays and detours driving on Fremont Street in Lander.

Construction crews had part of the road down to one lane yesterday as new high-pressure water lines are being installed.

Today a wall of Hesko barriers down the middle of the road reaching from 3rd to 5th Street will also detour drivers.

The wall blocks potential flood waters from snow-melt and re-routes water to the river instead of residential areas.

Both construction projects will close Fremont Street down today.

Detours and other periodic road closures will occur until mid-summer due to the high pressure line project.

Lance Hopkin, Lander Public Works Director commented about the road closures, “ We want people to be looking out for construction on Fremont Street, our high pressure waterline is also continuing construction on that street as well so please follow the signs, watch for detours and be safe."

Fremont Street is the road most use to get to Sinks Canyon, alternate routes will be marked for anyone trying to get to the canyon.