Fremont County at Level Two

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Fremont County residents are accustomed to high water levels around this time of year.

Some of them are even welcoming what's left of an excessive snow pack from winter.

"At this stage we've been pretty lucky. We've done a lot of pre-work in Lander and Hudson,” says Emergency Management Coordinator Kathie Metzler. “There is some flooding that's past those barriers, but at this stage we haven't had any homes that have been severely damaged at least."

The key word, homes.

Property damage is evident throughout various areas of the county.

"We still have approximately 20 to 22 inches of snow water equivalent on the mountain. There's still more water to come, and even when we crest it's going to run high for a while," Metzler added.

Emergency responders say the Riverton Irrigation Canal has picked up an old river channel and is coming around control measures.

Metzler and responders advise nearby homeowners to stay alert as water levels crest.

Riverton is expected to see its final crest early Monday morning.

The following locations were issued warnings of impending flooding:
Country Acres Road
Country Club Drive
Dalley Road
Deerfield Drive
Galloway Road
Mazet Road
Quarts Drive
South Major Avenue (above Riverview Road)
West Sunset (between North 8th West and Sherry Drive)