Fremont County One Percent Tax

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Fremont County’s one percent tax proposal is back on the ballot this year.
So far this year a little over one million dollars of projects were completed using purely that money.
Those seven projects include drainage and sewer improvements to go along with multiple road re-surfacing projects.
Since the one percent tax was voted yes, Riverton administrators have done over 4 and a half million dollars’ worth of improvement projects with the money.
One million dollars of projects are ready for next year with the money left over.
In total, Riverton received six and a half million dollars of one percent money. Most of which was contracted out to local construction companies.
"These last four years have been critical for us in maintaining our infrastructure. It’s nice because those dollars approved by the citizen vote are being used in our area and also benefiting our local contractors so Riverton dollars are going to improve Riverton streets and also help out Riverton contractors." - Kyle Butterfield Riverton Public Works Director
Butterfield says all of Riverton’s projects for this year are complete and no more are scheduled during the winter.