Fremont County Holiday Traffic

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No DUI's or deaths happened on Fremont County highways over Labor Day weekend.
230 people were stopped throughout the county; only two received citations for not wearing seatbelts.
Troopers were out in force from Friday until Monday night using federally funded grant time during the holiday.
That time means they are solely out on the roads and not responsible to respond to calls other than highway safety.
Still troopers say people were in a hurry over the weekend.
"They were mid-eighties, I mean you could make ten stops a day at mid-eighties over the weekend and that’s a lot faster than normal. Usually people speed but they don't cross over that threshold of 10-over usually." – P.J. Cross, Highway Patrol Trooper

More than half of people pulled over for speeding were let go with only a warning.
Troopers say no DUI's or deaths is a relieving statistic because people are being more cautious, especially with wearing seatbelts.
During federally funded grant hours troopers are told to be visible and watch especially for unrestrained drivers, children not in seatbelts, and drunk drivers.