More Cuts Coming for Fremont County's Budget

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Right now, Fremont County’s budget sits a little more than two million short.

County Commissioners need program directors to cut roughly one million from their budget.

Commissioners will then use the county’s savings accounts to cover the rest.

“When I say savings, it’s one time money. It’s not like it’s going to be there forever and every year. So they’re looking to cut maybe more starting this afternoon, they’ll have some of their budgets back that they’ve asked people to come back to,” said Julie Freese, the Fremont County Budget Officer.

Commissioners said there’s no way around it this year.

Fremont County Commissioner Jennifer McCarty says some programs will see major cuts, while others will be cut altogether.

“We will be cutting programs. We have to cut programs, anything that is not state statute required we will have to look at them strongly.”

First to look at are non-essential programs, or programs which don’t have to have money to keep the county going.

“We have to protect the citizens and we have to make sure our infrastructure stays in place, and this year we have a lot of infrastructure problems because of the weather we incurred during the winter,” McCarty added.

Fremont County’s assessed value this year is roughly $631,000,000, down from $916,000,000 in 2015.

The good news for next year, projects show an expected 2% increase in assessed county value, meaning budgets may be easier to work with.