Fort Washakie School Lock Down Update

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Fort Washakie schools went into lock-down for a possible gun threat Tuesday.

Around 11:30 am a school staff member heard gun shots near the school grounds.

School District 21 Superintendent Terry Ebert told News 13, “He described them as a high-powered rifle about four shots and he reported that to you and administration in at that time we determined to go into a lock down situation.”

Dr. Kim Ibach, Fort Washakie High School Principal added, “That’s where we talked to BIA and with that we go into a lock down status we let all of our building leaders now and they in turn make an announcement and we hit a button and it shuts everything down."

“We had a bunch of kids in the lunch room already and we have a big glass area out there so when you get a report of shots fired obviously you need to get kids out of the area as quickly as you can.”

The school remained locked-down while police investigated the surrounding area.

School administrators said most of the students responded well.

"Oh our students and the staff performed great everybody went to an appointed room we did have a couple kids in the hallway they were moving from one class to another meeting and they were grab by staff that was reported back to me so again we were able to account for everybody."

Teachers did their best to keep other students calm by distracting them with games and classwork.

“Unfortunately I got a report that some of the other kids were upset which is a normal thing we don’t like to have kids upset so I guess that’s kind of a message I was sent to the community please don’t shoot weapons near school campuses because it causes us to go into lock down situation which is upsetting for younger kids quite often.”

The lock down lasted a little over a half an hour. No suspects or signs of shots fired were found.

The school superintendent said, although it was a false alarm, he is glad the students and administrators knew what to do.