Fort Washakie School Soon to be Completed

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Fort Washakie’s new school should be finished this summer and open for students next year.

The biggest feature of this new building is more spacious classrooms.

Deb Smith, Special Education Director commented, “Right now we have a special education department in part of the old library and we have what is considered small resource room settings which is basically not a lot of room, we don’t have separate classrooms we have one area and the noise levels are pretty high.”

Superintendent Terry Ebert said, “We’ve got a lot more art capability for classrooms, right now we have very small tiny classrooms for our art, we’ll have three large classrooms for art.”

Students are so excited; they decided earlier this winter to celebrate the more than 100 workers building the school.

“Around the first of the year they were all excited they wanted to thank the workers by giving them hot chocolate and cookies so the kitchen put together hot chocolate and cookies and they went in and served all the workers that day.”

“It’s really exciting, I mean this is something our community has wanted for a long time and the teachers are excited, the kids are excited, I’ve been in a few times to see the progress and its really neat to see its getting closer and closer to being completed.”

Ebert said now they have more space and they expect enrollment to increase.

“We do expect that there will be more kids at the high school level simply because we haven’t had enough room in the past and limited space and low numbers, puts, it’s hard to have the same number of programs if you don’t have the kids and the space.”

The new school is 220-thousand square feet, 70-thousand more than the building being used now.

The new school cost 55-million dollars, 5 million paid by the district, 50 million coming from the Wyoming school facilities commission.