Fort Collins Shooting Victims' Names Released

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Fort Collins Police officers released the names of victims involved in the shooting west of Colorado State University's campus early Thursday morning.

Savannah McNeal was a senior at Colorado State.

Police say she died from multiple gunshot wounds.

McNeal is one of three dead along with one injured person.

One of the shooting victims, Michael Zamora, is a suspect.

Authorities say the 30-year-old is an Air Force sergeant, assigned to F.E Warren Air Force Base here in Wyoming.

Police say the suspect was known to at least one of the victims.

Detectives learned the four had been out socializing with a larger group on October 18. The three victims took a ride-share back to an
apartment complex where investigators believe Zamora shot the victims and himself.

Fort Collins Police assure residents there is no ongoing threat to the community.

A vigil took place at four this afternoon Friday in honor of Savannah.
She would have graduated this December.