Fort Caspar Museum Winter Closure a Topic of Discussion

Winter closures for Fort Casper could be on the horizon as legislators meet this week to discuss budgeting for local towns and cities.

One Casper resident told News 13 closing the museum would negatively impact the city.

Casper resident, Tom Rea expressed his concerns, “If they close that museum in the winter, I’s going to start kind of a downward spiral in quality. That’s almost certain to happen. So I really hope that we can find a way to keep it and let the city know that there are a lot of people that care about that place."

City Manager Carter Napier said the city receives not even 20 % back from what the city puts into the museum.

He added the museum received higher tourism dollars during the summer months and generally that’s when the city recovers some funding.

City officials are only exploring seasonal closure options and nothing is permanent yet.

Carter declined to comment on other local staples that could receive impacts from budget cuts.