Former Police Captain Files For City Council Seat

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A former Casper Police Captain announces his campaign for the vacant Casper City Council seat in Ward III.

Steven Freel retired from the Casper Police Department in 2016, he was a police officer for 26 years running the department's Operations Division.

Freel is a Casper native and is credited with overseeing and expanding the 911 dispatch center.

He's also credited with moving relations between liquor dealers and the police department in a positive manner.

He says he's excited about the opportunity to join public service life once again.

He hopes to continue solving issues that come up in our community. Freels says, "I think that really sitting down and listening to all sides of each of those issues can getting communication flowing with them can really find some very easy fixes for those situations as they arise."

The Ward III seats are currently occupied by Mayor Ray Pacheco, Kenyne Humphrey, and Chris Walsh.