Former Casper Doctor Stands Trial Facing Ten Sexual Assault Charges

The trial for a Casper gynecologist who is facing ten charges of sexual assault of former patients began Monday and continues through the week.

Dr. Paul Harnetty appeared in court with his lawyers in front of a twelve-member jury.

Some of the claims of abuse and assault go back to August 2013. Six former patients have come forward with reports of abuse where they were touched inappropriately during medical exams.

The jury was read instructions and they heard opening statements from the state and the defense.

Assistant District Attorney Mike Schafer told the jury the six victims would testify along with medical experts in the field.

Schafer said during his opening arguments, “He (Dr. Harnetty) was using the Community Health Center as his dating site.”

Harnetty's lawyer told the jury the doctor was completing medical exams and some of the procedures are uncomfortable, but necessary.

He said the doctor was conducting standard operating procedures.

Harnetty's sentence could be up to 100 years in prison if convicted.