Foreclosure Numbers in Casper are Low

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CASPER, Wyo. According to home sales information firm CoreLogic, Wyoming foreclosures are down by just over one percent from this time last year.

"Currently in the Casper area, I believe there are only about 10 homes that are available." Said Amy Lund, a local realtor for Real Estate Leaders. "thats pretty low yeah but being that it is the first of the month of the new year then its most likely going to increase."

It is typically hard to determine when the number of foreclosures will fluctuate, as there is never a time of year when foreclosures are certain.

"Its all dictated by the number of defaults and the banks who are representing them."

Lund says Wyoming foreclosures have always been a lower percentage of sales, however, it does affect the market just a little based on the values of the area.

This could cut numbers.

"The average home sale in 2018 in the Casper area it was about two hundred and 24 thousand and the average sales price for foreclosures in Natrona county in 2018 was one hundred and 37 thousand." She explained.

Foreclosed homes tend to sell fast in this area.

"it just depends on the deal, it depends on the condition that the real important factor and then also the ability to determine if its a good flip for resale for investors."

Check with your lender to see if the loan program you qualify for will allow for the home to be purchased since it is based on the condition of the home.

When buying a foreclosed home, keep in mind that there may need to be renovations.