Food Truck Parking Issue Being Addressed

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Food trucks remain an ongoing issue for several business staffs in Downtown Casper.

Food truck permits were temporarily suspended while city officials addressed the issue.

Downtown Casper parking...

"is a difficult issue"

City leaders tackle the issue especially when it comes to food truck vendors staging downtown.

Parking permits were temporarily suspended while discussions were made for possible solutions.

"We did pull a permit, once or twice and we decided at that point we need to look at the permitting system," said Casper City Councilman Bob Hopkins.

Parking is something city leaders are hearing equally from both sides.

"The sensitivity towards that aspect of the conversation is very important," said Casper City Manager Carter Napier.

In January, News 13 heard from downtown business managers about their concerns.

"It takes away from our customers as well as everyone on the block," said Erin Stepp from Charlie T’s Pizzeria.

Council members have also discussed different ideas for alleviating the problem.

"There could be arrangements made that you can get some private parking do those kind of things, but it's a tough issue."

The food truck permit suspension has been lifted with city officials re-issuing them.

But the only exception: vendors must wait until around 5:00 – 5:30 p.m. to park.

City officials hope those on both sides of the issue can come to an agreement.

"The challenge we need to do is get all that feedback in place and see if we can find a middle ground solution."

There's no timetable yet when council members will come up with a solution.