Food Prep Rules in Wyoming

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CASPER, Wyo. The way our food is prepared affects our health, especially if not handled safely.

The next time you go out to eat, pay attention.

"Cleanliness is probably the first thing, um and then the other thing is the behavior of the employees, how they are handling the food." Said Ruth Heald of the Natrona County Health Department,

Often times, we see workers not wearing gloves.

If the food they are handling will be cooked, the health department staff say pathogens will be killed with high temperatures.

Uncooked foods, however, have different standards.

"bare hand contact with ready to eat foods should be minimized, and so if they are not using gloves they can use utensils, tongs, tissue paper."

Along with no grading system, Wyoming dos not require workers to obtain food handlers safety certificates.

"more on a corporate level they are being required by their employers to get that certification and that something that we welcome and we do teach those courses through the department so they are available."

Health Department staff review restaurants twice a year, but can show up as many times as necessary if there is cause for concern.