Foo Fighters Ticket Scam Flying Before Real Tickets are Out

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If you stumble upon websites selling you Events Center tickets for the upcoming Foo Fighters concert and they're more than $102, you are being scammed.

The only two websites authorized for legitimate tickets are and FooFighters. com.

Foo fighters' tickets aren't even on sale yet and there are already fake websites trying to sell them.

Counterfeit tickets will not be honored on the night at a show.

Brad Murphy Casper Events Center Manager told News 13, “We had a pair of young ladies come for a country concert we held here a couple of years ago, they had bought tickets off the secondary market, paid 300 dollars apiece for each of those tickets, and when they got to our entry points, they were not legitimate tickets."

They lost $300 for those tickets and had to buy new ones.

Murphy asks you to please be careful as people try to use counterfeit tickets every single show.