Flu Symptoms Continue to Impact Wyoming

The flu is not going down without a fight.

CDC reports show there have been hundreds of flu cases here in Natrona County.

News13's Bobby Poitevint reports on how the yearly virus continues to bite.

The flu continues to be a wide spread epidemic in Natrona County.

"We’ve definitely had some high numbers just about every day we're diagnosing at least one person in quick care with the flu. We had a Saturday a couple of weeks ago that was 13 positive flus” according to Jennifer Lee with the Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming.

Natrona County shows the highest reported flu-like cases in Wyoming with 500 reports in mid-January.

Laramie County ranks second with 323 reported cases and 107 in Fremont County in mid-January according to Wyoming Department of Health reports.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Mark Dowell says "It (the flu) seems to be slowing down a little bit now thankfully. Generally these outbreaks ramp up at about two weeks (and) peak at 4 to 6 weeks and then quickly tapper off. "

The CDC reports 51 deaths from pneumonia and flu this season.

"Yes we've had a couple of deaths and some people end up in intensive care unit that made it with severe cases of the flu” says Dr. Dowell.

Medical staff says it’s important to get your flu shot.

Dr. Dowell says if "You say you don't want to get the shot (then) you're making a mistake"

"You know we've seen all walks of life coming in with the flu that received the flu shot. We've seen little ones; we've seen elderly and anyone in between" says Lee.

Doctors say if you can take Tamiflu within the first 24 to 48 hours of flu symptoms it helps minimize symptoms.

Doctors remind us to wash our hands and keep surfaces clean.

They say viruses can live on surfaces for several days thus spreading the virus if someone touches that area.