Florin Wyatt Sentenced to Life for Murdering Roommate with a Hammer

Riverton man Florin Wyatt was sentenced to life in prison after killing his roommate with a hammer earlier this year.

Wyatt was charged with first degree murder for the death of Keith Stephenson.

Reports show he stabbed Stephenson seventeen times with the claw of the hammer after being asked to move out.

Stephenson's body was found on the floor of his garage and police later spotted blood throughout the house.

Stephenson's sister and daughter shared statements during the trial.

Fremont County Deputy Prosecutor, Ember Oakley told News 13, "The family of course is deeply saddened but they too are appreciative that this case was adjudicated as quickly as it was so they cannot focus on the court case, but move on with their grieving."

Riverton Police said they were pretty sure it was a homicide from the beginning, but didn't want to jump to conclusions without all the facts.