Flood Coverage Continues from Fremont County

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Water levels have risen so high in Fremont County; residents have been forced from their homes and with rain moving into the area, rivers could crest again.

Waters levels remain high after heavy snowmelt over the weekend. Fremont County emergency res-ponders believe the worst is over.

Kathi Metzler told News 13, “We shouldn't be accumulating enough to cause this problem. We should have primary crest behind us."
More precipitation is expected this week.

"Just moisture we don't know for certain it is snow. I'm sure it'll be snow at the highest altitude. We did have some snow on Togwotee Pass yesterday but we just have a heavily laden moisture front coming in."

Metzler adds the river will rise again and could crest at about twelve feet but not near what residents have recently seen. She hopes people will remain safe.

"Pay attention to the banks. Please don't be walking up and looking over the edge, lots of times that water has and under cut. Those banks and they sluff with absolute no warning, so please stay back from the water."

News 13’s Bobby Poitevint shared, "I am standing ankle deep right now in flood waters that had completely taken over a Fremont County families driveway and they tell me the only way to get to their home is by using a canoe.”

"The water rose, what about seven feet in a day and now we're thoroughly flooded."

The Keel family they only had several minutes until they evacuated their home.

“I was able to make it to the house. I drove to the house and got a few things and then twenty minutes later to go drive out the water had come up probably another 2 inches so we're lucky enough to keep both of our trucks on the other side of the road so we use the canoe to get back to the house and check on our animals and make sure everything is okay."

Their pump house, mudroom and basement received damage.

"There's nothing we can do about it, I mean we just wait and see and once the water subsides we rebuild"

They remain hopeful, even during these tough times.

The Keels added they're staying with family members until the water recedes.

They also said their farm animals have been remaining on high ground safe throughout the flooding.

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