Fire Dangers Not the Only Summer Emergency Possible in the 307

Flash flooding threats continue for many states on the east coast.

We took a look at our risk in Wyoming.

Summer is known as fire season, but we are also at risk for other hazards including flooding.

Emergency managers remind: flash flooding can occur in many ways.
Natrona County Emergency Manager Lt. John Harlin, “One is the spring snowmelt and the runoff from the snowmelt. And we work closely with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the National Weather Service to obtain prediction on what that snow runoff forecast will look like.”

It can also occur during thunderstorms, when rain falls quickly.

Firefighters say the biggest danger is when water rises unexpectedly.

Casper Fire/EMS Captain Pat McJunkin commented, “Obviously, one of the most significant risks of flooding is the lack of expectation for waters to rise very, very quickly. And take people by surprise and potentially create situations of rescues and drownings, potentially."

Most importantly, McJunkin says to follow the phrase, "turn around don't drown."

"When we drive around, we get accustomed to the conditions of our roads are in and our ability to get from one place to another. That is completely changed when it's flooded or covered with water."

Emergency managers also say to always check conditions before going outdoors.