Hydroponics in a Wyoming Nutshell

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Hydroponics in a nutshell is hard to explain, but what about hydroponics in a shipping container?

One Casper man and his family began farming lettuce in a hydroponics shipping container in their backyard.

Skyline gardens, a family business grew after Matt Powell read an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Once a city boy, Powell never saw himself as a farmer, until he learned how easy it was.

Inside his 8x40 refrigerated container, stands 256 towers which hold twelve plants of roman and butter-head lettuce, swish chard, basil and other herbs.

The process begins by planting little 'grow plugs' in trays with peat moss; the two hundred plants grow for three weeks and then are transported to the tall white towers.

The plants spend five weeks in the towers taking in bright LED lights, and then the family harvests and brings them to customers.

The system is all run from a cell phone app that turns on the lights, monitors temperatures, and turns on fans and watches the plants grow.

Matt Powell told News 13 Tuesday, “At first I just thought, there is just no way that this is actually all going to happen, but I just started kind of pursuing it and you know, the doors all opened and here I am."

Powelll has had his farm up and running since December. He aims to branch out and try growing different product but for now he is enjoying the perks of his fresh lettuce.

To learn more about Skyline Gardens, please call 719-332-1482.