First Business to Jump on the WIN program

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When he first started an orthopedic company, many doubted him.
However, Joseph McGinley pushed through and McGinley orthopedics thrives in ten states around the country.

"It’s a great opportunity for our business,” stated the CEO. “We're going to be able to reach all the citizens of Wyoming. We'll be able to provide this opportunity for everyone in every corner of the state."

McGinley wanted help from a new program, 'Wyoming Invests Now'(WIN), and after a year, was given the help he needed from Wyoming secretary of state Ed Buchanan.

"The idea is that we can help small businesses in Wyoming by having a different way, and innovative way for them to raise capital for projects they might not otherwise be able to finance," mentioned Buchanan.

WIN is a crowd-funding exemption program, allowing small and medium businesses in the state to expand.

"We’ve been working on this for over a year now to make this program happen. And it's not just for us, it's for other companies across the state,” added McGinley. “So now there may be other great ideas out there and they've been struggling raising funds. Now there's an opportunity for them to say: 'hey! I have this great idea. I want to tell everyone in Wyoming, and see if they agree and can help get us off the ground and get us funded'."

With McGinley Orthopedics the first to be on board, Buchanan hopes other businesses will follow suit, giving them a chance to blossom.

For more information about the WIN program, you can visit the website: