Fire Chief King Retires After 37 Years of Fire Work

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Casper Fire Chief retires is to retire today, a month ahead of his scheduled retirement date.

Kenneth King leaves office after talking with the city manager about his decision.

Chief King's retirement comes earlier than expected, but city officials believe it was the right move.

City Manager Carter Napier commented, “Given the plan that he identified to me, he wanted to accomplish stuff in his personal life. I think it's a real good thing."

King was set to retire January 2nd 2018.

King began fire chief duties July 2013 and fire fighter duties in 1980.

A few years ago he faced criticism during the Cole Creek Fire investigation.

During that time he asked to cut the “bad parts" of video evidence and for "no copies to be made."

"It was an unfortunate comment."

King later apologized for his comment saying it was a, "bad joke".

Councilman Bob Hopkins also spoke about King, “I've worked with Kenny long enough to know that he uses humor quite a bit."

"That was probably a very difficult interaction to manage, to work with."
Shortly after his apology, he announced his retirement.

Despite challenges, Hopkins added he accomplished a lot as Casper’s Fire Chief.

"During his tenure with the fire department, we've built three stations and we're working on replacing the one out on 15th street."

He also helped firefighters get new equipment through the city's optional one cent sales taxes.

Fire department employees also garnered a high ISO or Insurance Service Office rate.

"I think he's done a really good job."

Chief King leaves office and Napier said he has nearly 30 applicants in mind to replace him. Two of them already work within the Casper Fire Department.

He also said he chose a new Casper Police Chief and will announce the selection this afternoon.