Finishing Strong as a Girl Scout

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Go-getter. Innovator. Risk-taker. Leader. Those traits are what make a true girl. And scouts from Space Camp, Silver Spurs I and Rising Star Ukulele camp came together, sharing their stories.

"We give them opportunities to try new things and also to be in an inclusive environment and safe place where girls are supportive of one another and can really test their boundaries and take safe risks and try new things," explains Kristi Osterlund, Marketing and Communications Manager of Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.

The girls enjoyed dinner and a campfire, and even got advice from current Miss Wyoming USA Callie Bishop, who answered as many questions she could from the curious minds.

"I think that you don't have to perfect to succeed and if you fall down, all you have to do is get yourself back up,” mentions Bishop. “And I also think it's really important to talk about strength, more than just physical strength, but emotional and mental strengths, and how that can facilitate whatever you are doing."

And the scouts were elated learning from bishop, about how to be the best person they can be.

"Girl scouts are a really fun opportunity,” said Madilyn, a scout member. “You're going to learn a lot, and you're going to do awesome things with awesome people."

With girls scout leaders continuing to teach the codes and ethics to new girls...we will continue to see these girls...make a difference in the world.

Girl Scout participants learn five important morals to help them grow: Strong sense of self, positive values, challenge seeking, healthy relationships, and community problem solving.

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