Feral Cat Problem

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Metro Animal employees say there is a feral cat problem, but not a lot can be done about it since the city hasn't approved the trap, neuter, release, program.
"A mature male and a mature female can produce a half a million kittens in 7 years", Tory Walsh, the Division Manager at Metro said.
The feral and stray cat problem has been an issue in Wyoming for several years and Metro employees are feeling the effects.
"We can comfortably house 86 cats here, we have 71 today so we're certainly on the fuller end of things", Walsh said.
Few are returned to their owners.
"We've taken in 906 cats so far this year and almost 400 have been adopted, only 7% have been returned to their owners but the adoption rates are pretty good", Walsh said.
Because feral cats are essentially a wild animal they pose a threat to the public.
"We don't want to see a little kid in their backyard and they think it's a house cat and it's not and defends itself and attacks the child there's a risk of rabies as well", Walsh said.
They’re also an issue for other animals.
"In Wyoming, feral cats can be extremely detrimental to a lot of wildlife which includes things like song birds, rabbits, and a lot of non-game that live in Wyoming", Janet Milek Game and Fish Public Information Specialist said.
"And if you see a feral cat and the ear has been clipped that means it's been neutered", Jackie Wetzler with News 13 said.
If you own a cat, Walsh encourages us to neuter them and keep them inside. They live on average 15 years as opposed to 2 to 4 living outdoors.
Walsh discourages feeding stray animals because it could attract more dangerous animals like bears, mountain lions, or raccoons, animals that could carry rabies
If you see a stray cat, you can get a trap online or from Metro Animal services.