Feeling a Little Stressed This Holiday Weekend?

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Millions of Americans' hit the roads and the skies Wednesday. Between family and traveling the stress can build up fast.

News 13's Justin Roth gives you some tips and tricks while traveling and spending time with your family.

Family time could also mean a stressful time; feuding in-laws, traveling headaches, or the classic who gets the wishbone. Holiday stress is upon us.

Daniel Farrer is Licensed Professional Counselor at the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming he says, "One things that's going to be important is own the stress and recognize you do have stress in your life cause you can't change what you don't own in the first place."

This stress could be brought on by family, cooking, and even traveling

Glenn Januska is the Airport Director for the Natrona County Airport and says, "Getting here earlier is better even if your fifteen minutes earlier than you think usually it takes the stress out of travel."

Getting to the airport forty five minutes before your flight is always a safe bet when you fly local. But there is something some people don't think about. He adds, "If there going to be with presents if there going to be taking presents with them if they want to save possibly having to re-wrapping presents wait to wrap them when they get to their destination."

That's because TSA may have to open your gift as part of security screening, something that could certainly add unnecessary stress.

Farrer suggests one way to reduce stress, use a simple two letter word.

"Learn how to say no to people especially if you do say yes and you mean no that's going to cause a lot more stress in your life."

And if your family doesn't seem to be getting along he says, "If two people are feuding over like in your house I would say for sure don't be the middle man"

In other words let family members work out their differences, and Farrer says another safe bet would be to stay away from political talk

Some other tips for your turkey day traveling is to not pack batteries or electronics in checked baggage and remember to stay calm.