Extreme Colds Lead to Less Charge on Car Batteries

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It was so cold last week in Riverton our own Landon Harrar had trouble starting his news car because of a dead battery.

Local repair shops are flooded with calls during extreme cold for people needing their cars jumped and their batteries replaced.
One repair shop manager said they had already replaced seven batteries and jumped 4 cars that day.

Extreme cold cuts batteries' charge by almost half in some cases.
Jammie Gadway Buggy's Bath Auto Repair Manager, “In cold weather the batteries only use 60 percent of its charge at zero degrees, so when we hit 30 below its really down there and its only using about 50 percent effective to start the vehicle."

One Riverton auto parts store employee said when it gets cold, they easily go through 80 car batteries a week.

Many repair shops managers don't bother to keep batteries in stock, they just call for deliveries on a need to have basis.