Executive Orders On The Affordable Care Act

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President Donald trump signed his first Executive Order as President on Monday. Ordering federal agencies to "Ease the Burden from the Affordable Care Act" or Obamacare.

News 13s Justin Roth decided to see what this means for the thousands of people in Wyoming currently on the plan.

Healthcare is in the hot seat once again, but what is an Executive Order and what does it mean?

Erich Frankland is a Professor at Casper College and the Political Science Chairman he says, an Executive Order is "How to enforce and implements existing laws, and so Congress has no say in this similar to a law or a budget item he has a digression to essential say don't do this or do that within the context of the law."

Executive Orders give Presidents authority to tell government agencies to enforce a law. In the case of the Affordable Care Act.. President Trump wants to eventually repeal Obamacare.

"Were in limbo right now essentially. Now you as an individual if you have your insurance and so forth already under the Affordable Care Act that doesn't effect your current status but if your not it could" says, Frankland.

Medical professional recognize the benefits of law. Wes Morris is Certified Physician Assistant at the Community Health Center of Central Wyoming he says, "The making sure students people that are under their parents insurance until 26 years of age I think that's a great things of the other things are no preexisting conditions being added on so people can get the care they need when they need it."

However; one of the main reasons for change is the law is very expensive and in some cases not affordable says Shelby Ashcraft Certified Application Counselor for the Community Health Center, "We've had several instances where patients don't make enough money to qualify for the tax credit so then at those times premiums are just too high for people to afford."

Frankland explains Legislators may be too focused one piece of the pie so to speak, "It could be positive but it could also be a nightmare. The problem right now is with the existing bills or proposals out there all there focus on is repeal we don't have a replacement yet as far as what were going to do.

Morris echoes the concern saying Legislators have a big task ahead, "Making in sort of reformation for what's currently in place would be very difficult and very burdensome. What I hope to see and what I hope to see for my patients is that there's things that aren't working tweaked and changed to affect people in a positive way. I think most would agree we don't want to see anybody without care. How were going to pay for it and how that's going to affect everyone else is a big questions.

At least 20,000 people in Wyoming are insured under the Affordable Care Act.

Professor Frankland adds we live in a democracy and if you don't like what's happening in Washington you are encourage to call your representatives.