Exclusive: Bar Nunn Break-In Victims Speak Out

A year ago two Bar Nunn residents were attacked in their home.

Two individuals, William Quillin and Sharon Hinkle broke into a home and beat up the residents inside.

News 13's Tyler Waggenspack sat down with the victims to see how they're coping a year later.

“That's what's left,” said Patsy Turner, showing the scars where she said Quillin kicked her repeatedly.

"He shoved me, I fell to the floor then I tried to get up and he kicked me and he kept kicking me."

Patsy's husband, Rex suffered two broken ribs and a lacerated liver during the attack.

He told News 13, “Took about six weeks on my two ribs that I had broken and I was pretty much ready to go at that time."

Prosecutors said in early February 2017 Quillin and his partner Hinkle broke into the Turner's home demanding money.

Quillin and Hinkle later had a standoff with sheriff’s deputies for hours across the street in their own house.

"He’s living in the house right across the street."

Quillin appeared in court earlier this week for an evaluation to see if he was competent to stand trial.

He was ruled not fight to stand trial, and ruled not guilty by reason of insanity.

Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen commented, “We had him evaluated and the psychiatric experts were all under the opinion he was mentally ill at the time."

Blonigen also said Quillin will be receiving treatment at a VA facility in Arizona and the state of Wyoming doesn't have the resources to treat mental illnesses in Veterans.

Blonigen even said there's a possibility Quillin could be back out on the streets.

"There is really no programs out there that can keep good track of these folks. And that's a concern."

The Turners hope Quillin stays locked up.

"We sure don't anybody to get the same treatment we got from him. Being out, he's a hazard."

Quillin is now out on supervised probation and will be at that Arizona VA facility for roughly two to three months, depending on his treatment.

Blonigen concluded, if Quillin doesn't follow through, he could be sent back to the state hospital in Evanston.

The Turners also told News 13 they're still haunted by last year's events.