Events Center Celebrating The Greatest Show in The Sky

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More than 5,000 people were at the Casper Events Center this morning watching the greatest show in the sky.

There were people from all over the world who chose Casper as their eclipse viewing spot.

Thousands gathered at the Casper Events Center Monday morning, including people from all over the country.

"I came to see the eclipse here in Casper from all the way from Los Angeles," said Todd Reed.

"Plano, Texas, north of Dallas… and we're just here vacationing and having a great weekend," said Chris Scheibe.

There was also a considerable number of people who came from across the globe.

"We are from Finland and we are on a one month road trip. The main event was this eclipse to watch in Casper, Wyoming," said Tommy Jarvilesto.

Every person I spoke with said their experience was unforgettable.

"Actually living it and seeing everything get darker, feeling the temperature drop was crazy. I really enjoyed it," said Autumn Schifersteim, Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2017.

"I had expectations, and it blew all of them out of the water. It was amazing. I had so much fun."

"That two minutes of totality, total darkness was amazing. It was hush, dark, quiet, people were cheering, it gives you chills, it really does," said Brad Murphy.

"I'm going to remember it forever, and I had fun."

"It was amazing. I call it divine. That pure light, never seen anything before like that," said Kory Russell.

Most people have been planning to come to Casper for years.
"We check out internet and see there’s a perfect sky wide open… Wyoming sky, so we decided to come here."

Out of towners I spoke with said they're really enjoying Casper.

"Nice, clean, pretty city."

"We see rock formations, close to the oil pumps, very nice."

Wyoming locals I spoke to enjoyed seeing so many people.

"Being born and raised in Wyoming, it’s awesome. We have so many people coming in to Casper and the beautiful state of Wyoming. We have people from Russia, Japan… it's kind of insane, but totally worth the travel."

The massive amount of visitors also had a positive impact on local businesses.

"Our company started March of last year, we've only been in business just over 17 months, and to have the opportunity of being the official supplier for the eclipse festival, it’s been a big honor," said Scott Cotton, 1890 craft apparel president.

Cotton said they sold over 6,500 shirts.

"Yea we're going to go down to the city and have fun at the festival and then hit the highway back."

Events Center director, Brad Murphy said everything went very smoothly today.

"This crowd has just been an awe of this whole experience."
He says, so far, there have been no problems at all.