Evansville Turning to Commissioners for Building Inspections

Building inspection price hikes make Evansville officials seek other options.

The Evansville mayor recently approached NC commissioners to provide inspections instead of Casper's staff.

Evansville had an agreement using Casper inspectors to perform inspections needed there.

The end of the agreement and building inspection fees caused Evansville officials to look elsewhere.

"The City of Casper increased their building inspection fee substantially," said Mayor Phil Hinds of Evansville.

A 30% spike in building inspection fees prompted Mayor Hinds to look at alternatives.

He found his answer when he approached Natrona County Commissioners.

Now, Natrona County's building department performs building inspections and grants permits for the town.

"We can get our buildings inspected for the same rate that the county inspects all of theirs and it was substantially less than the City of Casper."

For years, Casper leaders held an MOU with Evansville and Bar Nunn officials.

It wasn't until New Year's, Evansville and Bar Nunn town officials decided against renewing the agreement.
Casper building official, Dan Elston says the change won't affect the city's budget.

"The revenue that we got from there was a very small percentage compared to our revenue in the building department for the year."

Mayor Hinds also says the change also helps hold costs down for their contractors and residents.

"We didn't feel like we wanted to pass that on to our builders."

While Natrona County staff will take over building inspections and permits, Evansville officials will still grant "certificates of occupancy."

Natrona County will retain all fees collected through building inspection processes.