Evansville Elementary Inaugural Back to School Celebration

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The first day back at school was not as expected for some students; Evansville elementary had a fun and instructional day planed for the return of students.
It's the end of august which means, notebooks, chalkboards, and lessons for students within Natrona County.
Evansville Elementary decided to change up the usual routine and have an inaugural back to school celebration to start the day off by giving the kids a scavenger hunt, home video, and a beach ball to play around with while soaking up the sun.
"I did the monkey bars a few times and I went in the jungle gym" - Lola Bickling, student
Faculty members did their best to make students feel welcome by not only applauding them onto campus, but recognizing students that continue to demonstrate their core values.
"hopefully it inspires and motivates them to really get going with our key values, academics, attendance, and citizenship so we want them to be excited and ready to go for this year" - Alexis Barney
You could feel the excitement from both students and faculty members.
"so the teachers really wanted to celebrate students coming back to school all week last week as they were coming in for back to school night stuff...they were excited about coming back to school teachers as were students" - Wayne Tuttle, Principal
"We really want kids to be excited about school and to love coming to school and to love being here so we wanted to show them that we are excited that they are here and really just pumping them up for a great year of fun and learning"
The first day of school has been a fun one at Evansville Elementary. The kids running around on the playground getting to meet new friends and get acquainted with their teachers. Now Principal Wayne Tuttle says that having this transition in the very beginning is a great way to get the kids on track for the rest of the school year.
Faculty and families enjoyed this new approach, and will try their best to continue on this tradition.
"Oh I think so I heard lots of great comments from kids and adults afterwards and so i think just like anything we'll find ways to make it better next year and we'll have a party next year as well"
"I liked it; it was fun everybody had a good time and everyone got involved with all the activities" - Jessica Longest
Principal Tuttle hopes everyone had a successful first day of school!