Escaping Reality with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality seems to be growing everywhere and Wyoming, is no exception.

Tech experts believe it will continue to grow going into the future.

At Natrona County Public Library on Tuesday, News 13 learned virtual reality components even had a part in building parts of Casper.

Matthew Farnsworth, Tech Specialists at the library shared, "We set it up and had all the donors come in. Anybody who wanted to could try on the headset and see what the David Street Station was going to look like before they made any donations, before they really started building it and it was a really cool experience. Part of the reason why they've been so successful in their fund raising is at least in part because of some of the stuff we've been able to do with virtual reality."

For virtual reality to have a future, the options must continue to grow.

According to a Time magazine article, virtual reality technologies need to appeal to our other senses, like touch.

In the article, they say the user should feel the items in their hand and not just a controller.

"I think as technology changes as it gets faster as it gets smaller we're going to find more and more different uses for it. Right now they're working on eye tracking technology so that you can actually focus on things in virtual reality whereas right now you don't get that focus. "

Emily Mestas at Best Buy told News 13, “I think it’s definitely growing and I hope it continues to do so. With all newer games coming out with the better graphics the new ideas I think it’s something that customers really are going look for and enjoy and I know I am definitely one of them."

Some little gamers enjoyed the experience Tuesday night; they even got a taste of virtual food.

"I saw a carrot, and then I ate the carrot."

Ramona Rodkey shared her experience, “I had swords and when fruit popped up out of the ground I had to try and hit it."

Farnsworth also said blends between augmented and virtual reality could be the future for both these technologies.

Other gamers shared augmented reality has limited options at the moment, thus little room to grow.

Pokemon Go was a big hit last year and is a good example of augmented reality.