Emotions of Veterans and Their Families

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Memorial Day events were planned across Natrona County over the weekend, from classic car shows to cookouts.

But how do the men and women who fought for freedom and the families who stood by their side view Memorial Day?

News 13's Bobby Poitevint spoke with veterans and family members of veterans about the emotions.

Emotions ran high as one veteran spoke about his family's journey and another’s siblings discussed their father's return from Afghanistan.
"My family has been involved in America's wars since the revolutionary war.....it's pretty emotional"

At 18 Bob Bryson was drafted and sent to Korea for more than a year. To him, Memorial Day isn't about his fight in Korea as a young man, nor his family's long history of fighting for freedom. He says this day isn't about the living.

"It is about the fallen. It's not about me I’m still alive. Most of us, the ones that are alive appreciate people saying ‘welcome home" or "we support you" but today is really, for the dead" says Bob Bryson.
“I spoke to a brother and sister who have emotional words about their father when he was overseas.”

"(sigh) A huge relief, It is a huge relief. I mean he is safe he is back. You know he has served his country."

Morgan Pangus says her father went overseas three times with the National Guard.

Pangus' 6 year old daughter knows the importance of Memorial Day and what her grandfather stood for.

"I asked her this morning do you remember what today is for, and she said "yeah mama, it is for all the soldiers that died to keep us free."
Morgan's brother, Devin did his part on Memorial Day.

"Whoever wants to come eat, can have food. I just like doing everything i can to help veterans."

But it wasn't easy for him to see his father leave.

"It's hard it’s emotional especially when he leaves. Then you still struggle when he’s gone but you worry about him but he's gonna do the best he can do to protect us, to protect him, and his men are gonna keep him safe."

Devin told me his father lives in Cheyenne but they speak over the phone daily and take weekend fishing trips together.

Morgan and Devin's father was recently promoted to sergeant