Emergency Managers Prepare for Severe Weather Season

CASPER, Wyo. Wyoming averages around 12 tornadoes per year...according to the national weather service.

They typically happen between May and August, but can form in March and April if conditions are perfect.

Meteorologists say last year was above average for tornado development.

Emergency managers say that along with yesterday's Fatal tornado is a reminder to be prepared now.

"I think it's a wake-up call for everybody on how early it can happen. It's winter time, it's not supposed to be tornado season already. But just how severe storms come out of nowhere and surprise us. So definitely a wake-up call on knowing nationwide and here locally we need to be thinking that way now." Said Gehrig Haberstock of the American Red Cross.

Wyoming's strongest tornado to date was the Yellowstone tornado in July 1987.

No injuries or deaths occurred but up to one million trees were uprooted.