Mills Community Reacts to Last School Closing

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This past fall Natrona County School District board members announced four schools would close after this year.

One of those schools closing is Mountain View Elementary in Mills.
Some businesses feel they are losing customers and some alumni to the school are losing a part of their history.

The town of Mills will no longer have a school in the area after this academic year ends and some businesses aren't looking forward to losing customers.

Abriel VanValkenburg shared, “I see a lot of teachers and a lot of parents in the morning, or even in the early afternoons, after they get done dropping their children off. They come by and stop for a drink or I have drinks that are specifically made for kids that the kids love."

With the school closing many locals say goodbye to the history many generations before them, left within the facility.

RayLynn Campbell commented,“ A lot of my family went there. My uncle, my dad, my mom, my grandma, my sister, my aunt. A lot of my family did, and they all loved it."

Natrona County School District board members are looking for ways to consolidate empty classrooms, but several people think shutting down Mountain View Elementary is not the right solution.

"I have a lot of friends that go there and I don't really like that they have to move schools because it's going to be a new environment and a new place where they have to learn how to get used to the new school."

Businesses with a stronger customer base from parents and teachers commuting to Mountain View will feel the blow even more.

"I would say a good 50 percent is because of the school. This one kid, I would say he's probably in second or third grade, and I see him walk every single day. Even last Monday after the big snow storm, he was still walking every single day. And I don't understand how that's going to happen if he has to go elsewhere."

A community, slowly disappearing from the map to save money.

We spoke to several other local business owners and managers as well and a majority of them are disappointed with the decision to close the only school in the town, taking away future business.

For a chance to express concern and voice your opinion the Natrona County School Board meeting will be held February 12th at 7:00 pm at the Natrona County School District’s Central Services Facility on Glenn Road.

That meeting is open to the public.