Education Budget May See Cuts in the Future

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Educators and legislators gather to propose fillers for a hole in the education budget.

Both agree something needs to be done about the education budget.

With a budget gap over $200 million dollars some believe education is over funded.

State Senator Hank Coe says education should take a cut like other Wyoming agencies and adds tough decisions are needed.

"K-12 needs to feel the pain a little bit like we have with other agencies and state government that’s gonna be the most difficult stuff we do because we love education and care about them."

Proposals to fix the education budget were pitched but not accepted.

The education model is readjusted every five years and holds budgets for teacher salaries, textbooks, technology and more.

The next school finance recalibration meeting is scheduled for October 12th in Casper.

The meeting is open to the public.