Education Funding Bill Progresses to the Senate

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The omnibus Education Funding Bill passed the House on Tuesday with a lot of debate and amendments.

In the original bill, a special education funding freeze was proposed, but after the Education Committee meeting last Monday, the members took out the freeze.

On Monday an amendment was brought forth to implement the freeze once more.

Although it passed, not everyone was happy about it.

Representative Debbie Bovee works in education and teaches special education, she told News 13’s Jenna Jackson, “I understand how classrooms work, I understand how school's work and I understand how the funding works and unfortunately we have people who don't have that kind of understanding bringing forth those kinds of changes."
Another amendment was originally in the bill, but was removed and then brought forth Tuesday.

The amendment looked to a half percent tax and passed after much debate.

Here's how it works:
A half percent tax would be implemented if the rainy day fund ever drops below 500 million dollars, and once the rainy day fund rebounds, the tax would go away.

Representative Landon Brown commented, “There are not a lot of legislators willing to watch the rainy day fund, fund education for the next four years and then just be out of savings. So I think you're going to see some revenue increasers, but what I also think we're going to see is again, re-calibration is going to set the tone for everything.”

Representatives said the tax likely wouldn't go into effect for another three to four years, if ever.

The bill passed the House with a vote of 43 to 16.

The Education Funding Bill now moves on to the Senate where it will go through the same process, Senators can add or repeal amendments or kill the bill at any time.