Edith Hoffman Turns 100

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Edith Hoffman loves to play cards with her friends and swim. She loves her friends but they seem to enjoy her company just as much.
"Every day is a memory with her she just makes people happy", Gail Davison, a friend of Hoffman said.
"if I got a soup bone I donate it to her if she's got something she donates it to me and we just share everything", Marjean Cole, another friend of Hoffman said.
There's even a favorite part they love about her.
"Her sense of humor (laughter)", Cole replied.
In all these years, Edith says having a daughter was the best thing to happen to her.
"I feel like she's my best friend I can call her and can tell her anything she doesn't really judge me well she might judge me but she doesn't tell me she judges me (laughter)", Kim Brattis, Hoffman’s daughter said.
Brattis's favorite memory of her mom was when her mom was wrong about the timing of her son's birth.
"She says 'oh go back to bed it’s too early (laughter)", Brattis added.
A mother herself, Brattis says she thrives to be just as good as a mom as her mom was to her.
"So many people respect her and love her and like her you kind of have to fill big shoes (laughter)", Brattis added.
Hoffman has been through a lot throughout her 100 years.
"Great Depression, I've gone through the Dust Bowl I’ve gone through the blizzard of '49", Hoffman said.
She's got one wish left.
"I just that we had somebody in the United States that would present a better candidate for a president", Hoffman said.
And she's got advice to younger folks:
"To believe in god and take care of your health and don't smoke and have a lot of friends", Hoffman added.
Her grand birthday party is Sunday where around 300 guests will attend.