Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority Evaluates New Complex

Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority directors may have moved too fast with screening tenants.

News 13's Raven Ford spoke with housing authority directors about the obstacles at the reservation complex.

The housing authority executive director said it’s been a period of trial and error since the establishment of the Tigee apartment complex.

Joe Sazue, Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority, “We found out that we didn’t do a thorough enough job to put I guess the best tenants.”

The housing authority security had to remove a few tenants due to drug problems and destruction of property.

“We kind of had to rush into the project to meet the deadlines so the obstacle that we faced were really screening our tenants and finding out a little more of the background and getting a little better idea for new tenants.”

Sazue said they are using better screening programs to help minimize troublesome residents.

“Most of all we've got pretty good tenants in there.”

Including Irvina Histia, who said her experience at Tigee has been enjoyable.

“What I do like about this they have good security and when it snows they do come over and shovel the snow that I do like.”

They even host multiple events at the on-site community center.

"The housing really kind of boasted the spirits of some of our tenants and our people that housing authorities finally building after so many years and it’s a good thing and people are kind of optimistic for future housing here.”

And they have a reason.

Sazue confirms the housing authority officials are looking into expanding housing services on the reservation.

Eastern Shoshone Housing Authority directors already have a few land options on the reservation for new housing.

However they still have to fund sources before moving forward.