Easter Emergency

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Spoiling yourself at the arrival of Easter weekend arrives is a common practice.

However if you let your pets get a hold of the Easter Bunny's goodies, there's a good chance it will spoil your holiday celebrations says metro’s division manager.

"Last year there were 17,000 calls made and it resulted in 12,000 emergency responses from veterinarians. There [were] about 1 in 3,000 deaths from it last year, so it's certainly something to watch," says Tory Walsh.

Veterinarian Richard Schwahn says a high dose of theobromine is what to watch for.

"If it's in high doses like in dark chocolate, it can cause toxicity. That's where it can cause muscle tremors maybe seizures."

The size of your dog plays a large part in the toxicity.

There are different symptoms between consuming milk chocolate and dark chocolate as well.

Make sure to keep it out of reach, and have the number for a veterinarian handy.

If you know the size of your animal and how much of a particular chocolate was eaten, you can find out online if the consumption is cause for concern.