Eagles Soar Over Reservation Roads to Help Clean-Up

Wind River Reservation highways look cleaner thanks to St. Stephen students.

Students involved in the national honors society came together to help clean up trash along Gas Hill Road.

“We've got some serious trash issues in Fremont County and it's just a wonderful thing that the students of St. Stephens Indian School saw this and wanted to do something about it.”

Students picked up unsightly items like drugs and alcohol.

“From where I’ve been cleaning up there’s a bunch of alcohol related things: beer cans, beer bottles.”

Students Alana and Destiny had their bags full of trash from the reservation and Wydot officials say it’s good to see kids getting involved.

“Very few people step up and say I want to be part of the solution and it's a proud day on the Wind River Reservation will be for stand up and say it ‘I’m going to do something about this’.”

Students said it’s a good way to show who they really are.

Antonio Davers commented, “I feel like it's a really good opportunity for St. Stephens you know to show that we can actually do the things for the rez.”

“People always give our school a bad name I think is coming out in the community doing stuff like this will not make us seem like bad people,” said Kalista Groesbeck.

Students were treated to pizza after the clean-up, teachers said they earned it.