EXCLUSIVE: Facing Death After Her Brother Gave Life

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You may remember the question when you got, or renewed your drivers license. Do you want to be an organ donor?

Its a yes or no answer that most don't think much about, but it's truly life or death for many.

News 13's Justin Roth brings us an exclusive story about how one local women is fighting for her life, after her brother already lost his.

"I lost my little brother two years ago to a brain aneurysm." The sentence is short but powerful Cary Galvin's brother was just 34 years old.The silver lining of this heartbreaking event, he was an organ donor.

Cary explains, "They were able to harvest his heart, his lungs, and both of his kidneys. So organ donation to me is a big thing not only to be able to give the gift of life but now facing having to have a transplant of my own in the future is a big thing."

Cary now has her own health struggles. She says, "I am currently in diastolic heart failure i also have stage three stage four liver fibrosis I will eventually have to have a liver transplant unsure about a heart transplant." Her situation brings back many memories of her brother. She hopes to spread the message of how his death brought life to so many. "So he still had a whole life ahead of him but that is the thing that keeps my head above water most days by not having to worry and deal with the grief as bad as it could be cause I know that he helped five other people and they were able to continue they're lives."

It's one of the reasons she's working with the donor alliance and creating awareness for others to become donors. Ryea O'Neill is the Wyoming Community Relations Coordinator for the Donor Alliance she explains how important everyone's actions are especially when getting or renewing your driver licenses, "In Wyoming we have two hearts on our drivers licenses that designate that they've signed up on the registry and we call those people heroes. Those are the people that said yes to organ, eye, and tissue donation and in the event of their passing we are able to do an organ, eye, or tissue donation.

Cary adds, "It's a good thing its not a shameful thing. Don't be afraid to have the conversation with your family because that is the most important pieces your family needs to know your wishes."

Some days are certainly better than others, With Cary's current health problems, but she doesn't plan to give up. "I just have to fight it's a fight everyday I'm not gonna lie there days the black hole wants to take over and consume you and you just have to redirect find something else to do and find something that makes you happy."

After all, she has no doubt her phone will ring in the near future with good news. "And I hope when my time comes I'm able to do that family justice and be able to continue my life."

....with her loving husband by her side.