Dumps of Snow: A Good Thing for Dubois

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Dubois has had one of the snowiest winters ever recorded! More snow is expected this week.

Though many may cuss it, more snow is good for Dubois winter tourism.

Stagecoach Motor Inn Owner, Rene Suda told News 13, “Snow is what drives the business in Dubois in the winter time, a hundred percent and it’s pretty much based on the snowmobilers coming to Dubois and they come from all over the country.”

Another Dubois resident and Mountain Camp Director, Jeremy Neidens agreed.

“Snow machiners especially look at forecasts and when they see good dumping’s they make the trip and spend their time and their money.”

There’s a specific name for these kind of tourists, “Now we have snow-chasers, they watch the map, they watch the united states and wherever the snow falls that’s where they’re going and they will book just that fast and they’re here the next day.”

Anyone living on the mountain has struggled to keep roads open.

“It is a time consuming pursuit, we had a tractor with a snow blower on it and a truck with a plow on it and once we broke our snow blower it made the plow work overtime until it got to the point it couldn’t keep up with it and we eventually got drifted over and we had to have two heavy machineries come in and open us back up.”

All the mountain snow is viewed as a double-edged sword.

“We experience a lot of fire danger in the summer months and so this alleviates that pressure and that’s a good thing but it’s also scary too because floods are going to be a big concern I mean we’re pushing record levels of snow and we got a lot of winter left.”

Multiple residents reported this is the most snow they’ve seen piled up in more than 30 years.

Suda also said the only bad thing about snow, is keeping his motel rooms full throughout the winters he’s too busy to go out and enjoy it himself.