Dubois Trails Are Getting Bigger and More Popular

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Dubois Association for Recreation & Trails facilitators continue adding more trails in an effort to inspire people visiting Dubois.

News 13’s Landon Harrar shows us the progress D.A.R.T members made last year, and their planes for this year.

The Dart organization started in 2015 and already created miles of mountain biking and winter ski trails, drawing more outdoor enthusiasts to Dubois.

“The first year we had a good start to a lot of travelers, locals coming and riding our trails, last year was even better and then we’ve seen a lot of internet activity people talking, asking us how the trails are,” said Shannon Chandler, the Vice President of D.A.R.T.

“For day-trippers in the surrounding communities we’re finally getting on the radar as more than a bathroom stop, we do see people come specifically to Dubois to ride the rail,” said Karen Chandler, the Treasurer of D.A.R.T.

This summer, there’s two plans to make trails more accessible and fun for all mountain bike riders.

“We are wanting to develop a more beginners trails course, a kind of pump track we’re looking where to place that so researching where it will be easiest to get land to get that done,” she said.

“They have huge potential so I’m pretty sure this will develop into like a big biking scene,” said Kilian Mathan, a German Adventure Tourist.
After catching Mathan on the trails, he said he wasn’t sure what to expect, but has been pleasantly surprised by the experience.
It isn’t like anything he’s ridden before.

“It’s completely different, most of the treks I ride in Germany are mostly through the forest, single trails, small, windy through the woods so nothing comparable to these amazing views here,” he said.

D.A.R.T coordinators said they also have plans to work with forest service officials, to help make existing trails more accessible for mountain bikers and skiers in the winter.

There are six miles of mountain bike and ski trails. They are regularly maintained by D.A.R.T. during their active season.