Dual Speed Limit Near Cody

Cody – A new dual speed limit between Cody and Yellowstone may save people and animals there. Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesman Cody Beers said 70% of the collisions on highway 14/16/20 west of Cody involve wildlife.
Beers said an independent study found the speed limit should be rolled back from the new higher 70 mph speed limit, to 65 miles per hour during the day. And during the winter months, when thousands of elk and deer are on their winter range near the road, the nighttime speed limit will be even lower: 55 miles per hour.
WYDOT officials ordered the study after several residents who live in the area west of Cody called the North Fork complained about the new faster speed limit that was implemented last March.
But, Beers said another area with migrating animals will also get the new dual speed limit.
Beers said, “It makes good sense for us to go from 70 to 65 because of wildlife considerations. And it also makes great sense to go to a nighttime speed limit, which is something new for Wyoming on its rural non-interstate highways. It’s something that’s already being done in the Jackson area, and it’s going to be implemented around Pinedale.”
Beers said, there will be a public meeting at the Wapiti Elementary School on November 9, to discuss the new lower speed limits. The limit inside the Shoshone National Forest east of Yellowstone will remain at 45 miles per hour.