Driver Inattentiveness the Cause of Oil Tanker Rollover

On Saturday, December 16th a single commercial oil tanker truck, loaded with 2,000 gallons of crude oil rolled at mile marker 5 on US 18/20 in Converse County.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers reported the road was reasonably dry that day.

Road markings demonstrated that the vehicle failed to curve with the road and ran off the road to the right.

Once off the road, the power unit and tanker trailer tripped, which caused it to separate and roll multiple times.

The tanker trailer was carrying petroleum crude oil; approximately 1,700 gallons of oil was spilled.

The driver stated he became distracted looking for some chips that were in his lunch box.

According to Converse County Emergency Management, the driver self- extracted himself from the tanker and was taken to the Douglas Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers responded at 1:00 pm and a hazmat team responded to clean up the spill.

Troopers reported the driver was wearing his seat belt.