Drag Racing: Wyoming Style in held in Dubois

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Dubois Chamber of Commerce president told News 13 he wants to promote more races to draw in tourism to the western town.

President Randy Lahr commented, “Myself, I have never witnessed a chariot race other than in the movies. It’s fairly unique, I mean I know where I came from there weren’t any chariot races, it’s very different.”
This might include a special day of races to entertain tourists in town for the upcoming eclipse.

Lahr stated, “There’s usually one in the summer also and I’m going to talk to them to try and see if we can’t get it closer to the eclipse that’s happening. It might be part of the events.”

Racers said the rush of racing 40 miles an hour down a quarter mile track is what keeps them coming back.

Racer Betty Williams said, “I enjoy it, I like the horses. I like coming to the gates I get upset when I don’t get to run. It was last year, or the year before my horse got hurt and I was pouting because I couldn’t drive.”

Chariot Racer Darrel Graff explained, “You know it’s a rush coming out of the gates, that’s why you do it.”

There have been chariot races in Dubois for more than 50 years.

Another racer told News 13, chariot races are like a Wyoming style of a drag race, utilizing the original style of horsepower.