Dr. Harnetty Maintains His Silence as Trial Enters Final Day

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Throughout this week fifteen Casper jurors have heard six women speak about their exams with a former Casper gynecologist.

Dr. Paul Harnetty's trial continued today. Prosecutors called the women as well as another gynecologist.

Dr. Steve Rotholz told the jury he always explains procedures to patients while he performs them which some of the women said, Harnetty failed to do making them feel uncomfortable.

The doctor also said he uses gloves every time during exams as it is universal practice in the field. Yet some of the women claimed Harnetty examined them without gloves.

A patient's husband testified he had a threesome with Harnetty and his wife two times and then his wife began being harassed by the doctor and his girlfriend at the time.

After the state rested its case Thursday morning, Harnetty's lawyer called two medical assistants to the stand to discuss his medical procedures where they both said they observed countless pelvic exams performed by Harnetty and never saw him do anything abrupt or out of the norm of the procedure.

One said on the stand, “He is very meticulous and always followed medical procedure.” However, they did not sit in on every medical exam he conducted at the Community Health Center.

Harnetty's team also called Dr. Sharon Eskam, as an expert witness and a gynecology instructor at UW.

The team showed the jury a practice video of a pelvic exam which she shows students, then she discussed the techniques in detail, explaining how Dr. Harnetty may have grazed or touched women's privates accidentally during exams.

Following a cross examination with the Disitrict Attorney, the defense rested their case.

Dr. Harnetty gave up the opportunity to testify in his own defense and all that is left in the trial is jury instructions and closing arguments.

The trial begins at 9:30 am at the Townsend Justice Center in Casper.