Downtown Parking Should'nt Be an Issue

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There are more than enough parking spaces in downtown Casper according to findings from the commissioned parking study.

Some Casper business owners say not parking in your desired spot is a good problem to have.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint investigates and says surveyors believe people are staying in spots too long.

Surveyors say the parking space turnover needs to be higher.

Some of us constantly have complaints about downtown parking.

So last year Casper City Council members commissioned a study to find the problem.

Dennis Burns with Kimley-Horn and Associates conducted the study and says "the utilization was only about 45 percent. So you've got a lot of supply and a lot of unused supply. So you don't really have a parking supply problem; you probably got a parking management problem."

He says there is over 6,500 parking spaces downtown.

The study was conducted between 10 and 2 pm during the week.

"What we found was is you’re probably between 2 and 2.5 turns per a day which is very low; which probably means you have a lot of employees parking out there long than they should. You should have maybe 4 to 6 (or) 8 turns a day at a minimum and 8 would be preferable” says Burns.

Downtown business owner Krisinda Wilcox with Metro Coffee Company says limited parking is a good problem.

"It’s like 'oh we're busier down here' it brings more customers in. I know some people are like 'oh I had to wait 45 minutes to get into a restaurant' to me that’s exciting to have that problem. I mean it’s a good problem to have."

Burns says the data is now collected.

The next step is consolidating feedback and presenting council members with recommendations in the coming months.

Burns and council members say metered parking isn't off the table.

Casper residents are not strangers to meters and they could be resurrected.

Council members say partnering with private parking lot owners to relieve parking congestion could also be coming.