Downtown Parking Changes Coming to Riverton

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Downtown parking in Riverton will no longer be an issue.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with council members about their decision to increase parking spaces.

Riverton council members upheld their recent decision to insert additional parking in the downtown area.

Riverton City Councilwoman Holly Jibben commented, “I think it’s absolutely amazing we’ve got a lot of new business is down there and we’re really trying to encourage growth down main street and so consequently we really need the extra parking.”

During certain times of the day there is no parking and making the decision to change from parallel to diagonal parking a no brainier.

“I think he was just an easy decision it was pretty much, since we know that we want to encourage those businesses to come in so in order to do that we have to be willing to work with them.”

With limited parking spaces currently available south sixth street business owners said they are thrilled that Riverton council members approved additional parking.

“We are really excited to have it here.”

Eric Smart, Smart Insurance Owner commented, “Well I think it’s a great idea because I’m the actual one that put in for the application variance with the city of Riverton and we have a need for additional parking downtown and we were exactly know the city of Riverton was on board with that.”

Smart along with many other business owners worked together to meet the request of council members before the decision was made.

Mick Pryor, an Edward Jones Finacial Advisor commented, “We all pitched in to pay for the engineering assessment to just put a little bit more parking here because this area is growing as far as businesses are concerned and we my parking to accommodate that.”

“I think for patrons in businesses it’s going to impact in a positive manner for sure."

But not all businesses agree. Some said with increase parking brings more traffic and more risk for accidents.

"I don’t think it probably will just due to the fact that there are other streets in Riverton that have the diagonal parking and people for the most part there are just more cautious about it so I think we should be okay."

City of Riverton officials will cover the cost of the additional parking spaces to be installed this upcoming year.

Council members said the on-street parking two hour limit will remain for additional parking spaces.